Pench-O The Resort

Luxury Resort in Dehradun

Pench-O The Resort A Fine Luxury Resort in Dehradun

When you know that you have a weekend coming up, plan a short trip to Pench-O the Resort near New Delhi NCR and make your weekend a memorable one! There are quite a number of luxurious resorts in Dehradun, but no other resort offers what this one does!

Located away from the city’s hustle-bustle, traffic and chaos, Pench-O the luxury Resort in Dehradun has a majestic location and is just 200 kilometers away from New Delhi NCR. It makes for one of the finest and the most luxurious resorts in Dehradun majorly due to its location and the experience it offers.

Why Stay at Pench-O The Resort over other Resorts in Dehradun?

The resort has very interesting packages to offer to its customers. The luxury resort in Dehradun has leisure activities like table tennis, carrom, tambola, horse-riding to enjoy and spend your day. With each package there are free add-ons like theme based pool party, bonfire, Karaoke, Open live screening of a movie which one can thoroughly enjoy in the open air and relax themselves. Usually people would want to wake up to breathtaking views and take in fresh air to rejuvenate themselves and calm their nerves down from the monotonous city life! Pench-O the Resort in Dehradun is a perfect choice to visit for a weekend as it is convenient to reach and much cost-effective.

The resort is surrounded by Dehradun, to the north it has the mountains of Mussoorie and to the South there is Shivalik range. With a view so mesmerizing, you would not really want to go to any other place but come to Pench-O The Resort every time you are in Dehradun. The luxurious resort in Dehradun is spread across 25 acres area and aims to provide you the best and the most wonderful time!

Embrace Mother Nature at Pench-O the Resort!

The resort has amazing greenery, waterfalls that are mighty and so beautiful that you would never want to leave. With so much scenic beauty around, you would be nurtured with fresh air that would calm your nerves like no other place would! Experience the luxury resort in Dehradun. The resort is finely known for its perfect blend of luxury services and natural environment. The resort all in all has youth vibes, with 24*7 parties and will give you an enthralling weekend that you remember for a lifetime! The luxury resort in Dehradun, is a perfect pick for your weekend getaway with your family, friends or your partner.