Pench-O The Resort

A Picnic Spot

Pench-O The Resort as a Picnic Spot near Dehradun

Pench-O Resort in Dehradun is located just two hundred kilometers away from Delhi. You can easily visit the resort for a fun weekend with your family or friends. This resort is a perfect spot for a picnic in Dehradun. This Picnic Spots Near Dehradun, has all the comfort and luxury you may need for a weekend getaway at pocket-friendly prices. The resort is a perfect blend of greenery, fresh air and scenic beauty! It makes for a good Picnic Spots Near Dehradun with various leisure activities planned throughout the day. The Pench-O Resort offers karaoke nights, table tennis, carrom, movie nights and what not!

Why Choose Pench-O The Resort as a Picnic Spots Near Dehradun?

The Pench-O resort was designed and built by a decade old established firm JDA Infra Ltd. It typically suits all age groups and occasions, be it corporate parties, weddings or honeymoon! As a place near Dehradun for a weekend, Pench-O Resort is extremely convenient and the most relaxing picnic spots you can ever visit. It has live wrestling, artificial rainfall, snowfall and bubbles effect. You can choose to stay in the camps with air conditioners, the VIP Tree house, private villa with a pool or the normal rooms!

The Pench-O Resort is India’s first resort which has introduced the concept of Bring Your Own Booze or BYOB. This makes it a perfect pick for a getaway. Moreover, the recreational activities offered by the resort like Jungle Safari, Horse Riding, Melt-Down, Soapy football and soapy basketball make it an interesting Picnic Spots Near Dehradun.

What Makes Pench-O A Must Visit

Pench-O The Resort has everything you can look for a Picnic Spots Near Dehradun for a weekend. It offers a variety of packages you can choose from, with one package including pick and drop facilities, all time buffet meals, stay at air-conditioned camp tents and tree house. Second package is inclusive of a resort stay with sightseeing at Mussoorie and the third package includes Mussoorie and Rishikesh for river rafting (rafting charges separate).
How cool is it to stay in the camp and spend your weekend with Shivalik in the south and the hills of Mussoorie in the North! With the most breathtaking views, greenery, open space and fresh air, one just can’t get enough of this picnic spot in Dehradun. The Jungle safari, bonfire, karaoke nights with such amazing views and fresh air can totally spin off your weekend to the most perfect weekend getaway!