Luxurious wedding farms in dehradun

Pench-O The Resort’s wedding farms in dehradun

It is the season of weddings and every other person these days is having a destination wedding, Pench-O The Resort is a suitable place to have your wedding. This wedding farms in dehradun, is a perfect site for your dream destination wedding. The Pench-O Resort is a luxurious resort and is located just two hundred kilometers away from Delhi. It is accessible and very convenient for people to reach the wedding farms in dehradun.

Pench-O Resort’s Luxurious wedding farms in dehradun

The beauty of the resort is based in Florence City -II , a township stretches over 25 acres of land, ample of open space available and lush gardens at the luxurious wedding farms in dehradun. The services and the amenities at the Pench-O Resort make you feel at home away from home, you can have the most comfortable stay at the resort. They execute the event from end-to-end, and they can incorporate your idea of a dream wedding and turn it into reality. They help craft an extremely exceptional experience for your wedding and arranges for all services like, pick and drop services, theme based settings, floral decorations and any other services that may be required for the religious ceremonies. It is one of the finest wedding farms in dehradun majorly due to its commendable services and luxury.
The idea of a wedding at the Pench-O Resort is simply great as it provides the finest of its services and has parties 24*7. Being a wedding farms in dehradun, you can enjoy Karaoke nights, live screening of your favourite choice of movies and so much more. We bet, you won’t be disappointed and would want to come back again and again!

Why Choose Pench-O Resort for Weddings?

The Pench-O Resort is away from the non-stop honking and has breathtaking views of the Shivalik farm houses in the South and the hills of Mussoorie on the North, it is surrounded by the majestic Dehradun. Location wise, it makes for an amazing pick for a wedding farms in dehradun. With so much greenery around and fresh air, you can absolutely refresh yourself. The Pench-O Resort has a vibrant pool, tree house as well to give you all the comfort you need. As wedding farms in dehradun, it aims to cater to all the needs and requirements you need for the wedding.